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SEO - Search Engine Optimization


  1. short for search engine optimization.

    "Digital is now the company's main marketing channel with the majority of investment going on SEO"

  2. The Process of creating your digital footprint so you are found in Search!

Get More Leads, More Customers, and More Sales with a Free Marketing Audit! 

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Helping Businesses Stand Out & Grow!

Does Your Website Rank In Google Searches?
Is Your Website Slow?
Does Your Social Media Help You Stand Out?
Is Your SEO Set Up Correctly?
Is Your Business Listed Everywhere?
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Sample Report

Free Marketing Audit!
How does your digital footprint score?

Find out how your Company's Marketing Ranks & Scores Against Your Competitors for FREE! 

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Why it’s important to have A Complete Marketing Audit

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Are You Capturing Your Future Customer?

Customers travel through a series of steps—whether they know it or not—before they make a purchase at a local business. This is known as the customer journey. For customers, the journey they undergo is not something they often think about, as they are just looking for an outlet to fulfill their buying needs. For local businesses, the customer journey is the difference between a sale and a consumer buying products/services from a local competitor.

Why should a local business care about the Customer Journey?

  • Nearly every consumer is using search engines to research before purchasing.
    97% of consumers go online to research products or services before purchasing locally (BIA/Kelsey Study)

  • Consumers look online to study a business’s reputation.
    86% of people will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews (Vendasta)

  • Consumers use online listings to find the physical address/location of a business.
    Google My Business (GMB) listings populate results directly in front of consumers searching for your location.

What You Get With the FREE Marketing Audit!

You get Everything you need to Stand Out & Grow your business. Not only do you get professional marketing services & support you need to manage your business. You also get a dedicated professional marketing team you need to grow your business with one marketing company.

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FREE Tools!

SEO Builder
Stand Out in any Search with this!
Gain the edge of a good reputation
Professional social media Strategy
In-depth reporting you need to win

FREE Marketing Dashboard!

Our Marketing Portal gives you access to all your products and services in one place, a single report on all the metrics that matter for your business, learning tools, and so much more!

How Our Marketing Portal Works!

Achieve Marketing Success with adBidtise®

SEO comes in many forms from Business Listings to Blogs to Backend SEO Meta Tags. We offer SEO strategies to meet your digital marketing needs in order for your business to dominate the Marketplace you compete in.

Business Listings
Google Rank
Reputation Management

Achieve Marketing Success with Our Partners

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FREE Marketing Snapshot Report!
FREE Marketing Audit
FREE Marketing Tools

Helping Businesses Stand Out & Grow!

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